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I’m a passionated front-end developer keeping myself busy with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, JSON JQuery and Canvas. I’m always following the latest technologies so that I’m able to build state-of-the-art websites or application compliant with the most recent standards. I’m a very good team worker who believes that going into discussion with the team gives you the best solution. Beside that I'm working as a backend developer mostly using Python in combination with the DJango Framework.


HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Javascript, JQuery, Google Maps API, Python, DJango, PHP, JSP

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KPN Glasvezel.nl

Feb '08 - Feb '09 | Through: Xaton BV

The KPN Glasfiber portal is meant to handle the online orders and to support the new clients with a portal that provides them with all there important data and settings about their accounts.

For the development of the portal i was one of the front-end developers. We started off with around five persons but as the project progressed the team became smaller which at the end resulted in me being the only one responsible for all of the front-end development.


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adidas sport perfomance framwork

Nov '09 - Apr '10 | Through: 180 Amsterdam

Together with a smal team at 180 Amterdam I have worked on a project to build a framework for the sport perfomance sites of adidas.

The biggest challenge was to build a maintainable site, the site supports around 20 languages for about 40 countries al around the world. Where all the counties can have there own localizations for that particular country that are not applicable for that language.

An nice example is the tennis site which was the first one to go live in our framework. After that football, running, training, basketball and outdoor sites are/will transferred to our framework. 

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Oktober 2009 | Through: itzitzo

On the website of Belasting Consulent Noord Nederland an user can search for a tax consultant using a google maps widged. They can search by using a zipcode check or by using the regional/local overlays. My part of the development was all of the front-end development.

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Oktober 2009

Johnny is an open collective talking, sharing and finding answers about all aspects of interaction design. Together with Dennis Koks we developed Johnny Holland Magazine. JH magazine is a Wordpress instance which we modified to fit our needs.

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Mei 2010 - Sept 2010

At United-Academics I worked as a Python/Django developer. The team consisted of about six people and was responsible for the whole development process; planning, building testing and deploying.


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Buitengoed de Uylenburg

June 1010 | In collaboration with: Dennis Koks

In collaboration with Dennis Koks I created a new website for Buitengoed de Uylenburg. The site is using Django-CMS as its content management system.